Thursday, August 23, 2007


Hmmm..... no more ambiguity. My period started this morning. Interestingly, I seem to have cycled through all the more intense emotions about this failed attempt already, and so I am surprisingly ok.

So let's move on. On to the fact that Sophie is done with her homework and hogging the phone - her looming adolescence is..... looming.

I've been home-visiting all this week, to get my new children ready for the start of school, and that is always a treat. Home visits are such a nice way to introduce myself to the children - even my grandmother is impressed by them.

And now, I am off to a dinner involving lots of sangria with a new friend, courtesy of Evren. The new friend, I mean - Evren bears no responsibility for the sangria.


Becca said...

Up with sangria! Down with "not". But obviously, not simultaneously. xo

Evren said...

Well, i would not have minded one bit for being held responsible for lots of sangria either! I hope you two had fun.