Sunday, August 26, 2007

weekend randomness and a mess of capitals

After year - years, I tell you, oh internets - of encouragement by me, Sophie is reading the comics. And reading the Mini Pages and doing all the puzzles therein. Out loud. It's about damn time. All that printed entertainment had been going to waste all those years.

Lord. Now she is telling me all the jokes from it. Maybe this is not such a great development. And she says she loves Family Circus. *sigh* How do I go about improving her taste in comics?

As this is my last weekend of freedom/slackerdom, I have filled it with lots of naps, visiting, and some small amount of travel. I go back to work tomorrow and we set up and have meetings for a week, and the the children come after Labor Day.

There was music in Lynchburg yesterday afternoon and I rode down with some friends and had a throughly enjoyable trip. We only saw the last bit of music, missing several other great people but to make up for that I scored (I hope) a fertility monitor. The whole reason for the trip was to attend the official opening of the coffee shop some friends just bought. So. The wife of the man they bought it from was there with her (4th?) tiny, tiny baby. And one of the owners of the coffee shop (who happens to be an ex from long, long ago) was holding said tiny baby, and knows all about my continued attempts at conception, and passed me the baby. Realizing the mother didn't know who the hell I was I felt some explanation was in order and I told her how I'd been ttc for a while now and she warmed right up to the subject and wanted to know if I had tried using a fertility monitor. Then she offered me hers, plus the 50 sticks she's still got to go with it. Then, after I'm done with it, I am to pass it on to my ex, who is thinking of having another baby shortly. Now I just need to coordinate picking it up. And thank her profusely.

In other productive news, I also cleaned out the gutters at school, after being put in pseudo-charge of playground workday after my boss left. This meant I was up on a ladder, with lots of parents asking me what to do while we all melted in the million degree heat.

I made a new friend out of an old acquaintance, and through her met a very nice femme-y gay girl who lives not 5 blocks from me. This is great because yay! New friends! Especially those who will sit on the porch and drink whiskey into the night. While I'd rather be knocked up and avoiding Teh Whiskey, it was nice to have my Last Weekend of Summer include whiskey on the porch, which is The Summer Activity To End All Summer Activities.


Sian said...

I demand whiskey tom night. Even if I have to provide it. I am sick with jealousy, who is this woman? How do I get rid of her?! Do you know how long it's been since I had whiskey on the porch with you?! Is this making you uncomfortable? Fab about the free doo-hickey! How is "you know" gonna get another baby in her belly(as the kids say)?

Becca said...

Who is that singing on the Starlight's MySpace page? Delightful!

Sian said...

That is Sarah White.

starrhillgirl said...

Becca, it is Sarah White, who you can see (avec Sian Who Is Above) on Wednesday at Atomic (Hipster Food of My People) Burrito.

Sianey, come over already. I has Teh Whiskey. This new girl will never replace you. Never.

Becca said...

Whoo hoo! SW/SWIA and A(HFP)B!

Wednesdays are cool. Rock on.

Sian said...

I got no idea what all that means.
Is that all computer code?

Becca said...

Sara White/Sian Who Is Above . . . etc. etc.
I know, I know . . .just me being a dork.