Sunday, September 9, 2007

i has teh popcorms


From CHO-girl:

Microwave or pan-popped?
Microwave?! Are you fucking kidding me? Starrhillgirl, on the stove, with a pan. Every time.

Dinner or snack?

Sweet or savory?
Salt rules the world. (Although, yes, kettle korn at the craft fair is good, too.)

Eat out of a bowl, bag, or out of the pan?
Bowl. The special popcorn bowl.

All popped or leave some kernels?
Well. That all depends on the age and freshness of the popcorn one buys. If it is new and fresh, there are no un-popped kernels (Old Maids, as the kids say - where the hell did that come from? Oh, wait, I know....) hence one should eat lots of popcorn so it does not have time to get stale and thus none is wasted.

During a movie, would you throw it or do you prefer to make out?
Make out. Duh.

What is the weirdest thing you have put on your popcorn?
When I was a kid, we would put garlic salt on it - but that's not weird, right? As an adult, I used to put nutritional yeast (called "east" by Sophie when she was small - interestingly, I did not find this cute) on it every time, but I got a new roommate recently and her stash of yeast is - I swear - not really yeast. I think it is malt - very grainy, not flaky, and sweetish. Bleh. I haven't be able to bring myself to throw it away yet. Someday I will have yeast on my popcorn again. I might venture into the world of bacon, but other than that, weird things do not belong on popcorn. Popcorn stands alone.

What's the best popcorn addition experiment that worked out well?
CHO-girl's New and Improved Popcorn Popping Method ™ - put all your oil and kernels in the pan, set over low heat for simmering, turn up to med-high when you hear the first pop, proceed as usual with popping and pan-shaking, salting and buttering. Oh, wait - that's not an addition. Well, as I said, popcorn stands alone. See above.

Who do you share your popcorn moments with?
In chronological order: my dad, the pet doves we had when I was a kid, Hard Girl (but that was waaaay back in the day and now I am a little sorry for it), Jess, my cat Natasha, and, of course, Sophie.

Hmmm.... I tag - ah, does anybody read this anyway? - Elsie, Trista, SJ, Shauna (who is far, far too busy, but you should go and check her out anyway because a) hot, b) good writer and c) wow - food!)
Evren and Cali.


Elsie said...

done. I am at now.

starrhillgirl said...

There you are!
I've edited just for you.

ceri said...

i would do this survey, too, but i don't like popcorn, so . . .

starrhillgirl said...

ceri! that is blaspheme! do it anyway.

SJ said...

NAM NAM NAM, I has a corm!

OOh, I will try this, but I warn you I can barely be arsed to use the bathroom today. LAAAAZY!