Tuesday, October 9, 2007

all call

For you, oh, internets, I have an odd request. I am sending my KD to look at blogs of people who've used known donors and lived to tell the tale. That is, success stories. He's read too many (one is to many for me at this point) wide-eyed, look-how-fucked-up these-people-are, nuclear-families-rule versions of child-support battles being dragged before conservative judges. Time to combat those images. And he asked, just in case you think I'm being pushy.

I've sent him a bunch already, but I am sure there's some I've missed or don't realize have used known donors - since some people don't always say where they get their sperm from. Yes, this does seem a little stalker-y, so I'll totally understand if you feel weird about it, but if you don't you can leave a little comment, or email me (starrhillgirl at gmail dot com). Please?

I have all faith in you, the IVP.


calliope said...

no 1st hand help here- sorry!
But I think there was a good section in a book called "Mommies, Daddies, Donors, Surrogates"

I'll keep an eye out for helpful resources for your KD. You might try posting on Rainbow as well.


Trista said...

did you send him to us? We used a KD who is involved in Julia's life as her Special Uncle. Also, if you email me at anaccidentofhope at inbox dot com to remind me, I'll pass along our donor's email address if your donor would like to talk to him.

Also, Lesbian Dad used a kd who is a good friend and that's going well. And there's been some few discussions about KDs at lesbianfamily.org over the last few months.

Wistar said...

I wish I had some sperm for you. I'd give you my boyfriend's but that would mean me getting up off the couch with a belly full of Chinese food.