Thursday, October 11, 2007


Sometimes, as they say over at AddProbs,
....hope is like a damn jack-in-the-box, popping up again and again, whether or not you're sick and tired of the plinkety-plink little tune.

And you want to bash your head against the wall, because then at least there is some small excuse for the constant weepiness.

But then, other times, hope is there when you need it and least expect it. And you realize the wealth of choice in your world and things *shift* ever so slightly. And you polish off your last 2 oz. of nasty Chinese herbs and go to bed. With hope, which is a better bedfellow than you'd expect.


calliope said...

hope can give you sweet, sweet dreams.


Wistar said...

Aww. You are the sweetest. But how dare you cheat on me with Hope.

By the way, Darren and I just discovered your blog tonight. D's really impressed that you get the joke "Teh." He says only web geeks get that joke.

You are going to be the best mom!