Saturday, November 10, 2007

down to the wire

Will you look at the time.
I've only got 1 and 1/2 hours in which to blog, or I fail NaBloPoMo. Fail.
Thank you, Jesus, for giving me a nice list of thing I did today to bore my reader with. All one of you.
In chronological order:

*woke up, temped (as in took my temperature, not as in short-term work - I don't have the correct skill set for that)

*got out of bed and went downstairs, spent way too much time on the computer checking in on y'all, and drank some nasty Chinese herbs (which are starting to taste good - the luteal phase ones at least; this Means Something, I'm sure) while reviving the fire (not a euphemism)

*made a million phone calls to organize my day

*went downtown to see cho-girl's stand at the market, bought the really and truly last bit of farmer's market style produce from the adorable Waterpenny kids, after bringing cho-girl a cup of coffee

*picked up some very cute baby things for the New Baby of the Valley, also some toilet paper and new twinkle lights

*came home and opted to skip Sophie's soccer game in order to mop the floors downstairs because they were disgusting, I tell you (ahem, did I mention she's first chair for violin?)

*made boiled custard from my great-grandma's recipe to take to the New Mother in the Valley, as it is my opinion that custard (the nice warm kind you drink) is perfect food for new nursing mothers; plus fun to make

*handled a leaf delivery from Kaity, true owner of my fig tree - why, you ask do I need leaves delivered in the fall? Because none of mine have fallen yet and I was told by the goatcheese man at the market to cover up my new and tender fig tree for the winter - and gave a her a smidge of custard (see above)

*drove to the Valley to hang with the Valley kids

*came home, realized I was close to failing Noblo-whatsiz-hoosie, because today was almost over and I had yet to post.

*wrote this crappy list

CD 21, 7 dpo, 7 days until my "best" friend, FF, says I can test. Ha.


LB said...

Thank goodness. I read that last post a million times waiting for a new one. Started reading one of the food blogs you link to. Decided I was hungry and lazy. Decided I need to do better at editing myself*

*see this comment and also evil comment about women/cartoon characters/preggers.

calliope said...

it sounds like an idea weekend day to me.

mmmmmm custard

cho-girl said...

Thank you for the coffee!
I could have traded for leaves, y'know.
I even had some stuck to my sweater!