Sunday, November 25, 2007


Back to the real world.

Here I am chez Starr Hill, lured back to central Virginia by LB's talk of twisted naked tree branches. It *is* nice to be home. But, wow, it sure was hard to leave.

R and J and I left Teh Frozen North around 7 am and I got back here to Starr Hill just before 8 pm. 13 hours, which included a visit to the other DC lesbians. Not bad. Particularly when you take into account that I had to drive from R and J's in Capitol Hill up to Brookland to see said other DC lesbians and then get myself all the way over to 66 to get home. Up and across DC all by my tiny self. And I did not get lost or scared. Ahem. Yay me! Leave congratulations in the comments, please.

Time for some nasty chinese herbs. It's CD 8, kids, CD 8.


vee said...

Nice work on the navigation skills! Glad you're home safe.

timaree said...

I always, always, always get lost, and J has a negative sense of direction, so together, we're always driving in circles. We have been known to run ourselves out of gas trying to find our destinations. It's terrible. So know that I mean it when I congratulate you for not losing yourself in DC!

calliope said...

wow cd8 already?!? how the eff did THAT happen?

Glad you are back safe & sound.

cho-girl said...

yea! You came back!

cho-girl said...

mebee even waffles and gelato? It is Fall y'know.

starrhillgirl said...

Coffeez?! Call me!