Thursday, January 24, 2008

oh, dr. acu i heart you

I love my acu doctor as much as I hate Fed Ex. More, in fact. Today was my first appointment in nearly a month; the holidays got in the way last time. Oh, it was good. It's so warm there and he's so kind and interested in how I am and the needles fascinate me and then there's the mini massage with lineament and the heat lamp on my feet (!). Then the whole rest of the day is blissfull and cloud-like. I swear. This time I got some moxibustion (a term I know from a hysterical Chinese studies class I took in high school). "I'm just going to warm this one up a little" he said, referring to the needle in my belly. He thinks cold is one of my biggest problems. I've been cold since my period started - no lie. It sucks.

The minor annoyance today, ttc-wise - was good old Clear Blue. Poor thing. I ran out of her sticks. Some bff I am. So I have no hormonal data for today so far, other than that I can gather without the help of a machine. But tomorrow! It will be all pee all the time. Just you wait.

Tomorrow is wanding #2 - also known as "cheap lube saturated wang cam scan" which is my new favorite term I stole from my newest favorite mama bloggers. They are fab. And they use terms like wang, which I will be working into everyday conversation more often.

Anyway, Dr. Acu has massaged away all my angst over Fed Ex and I'm drinking my ovulation tea (And liking it - usually this is the herb mix that I like the least. This Means Some Thing.) and getting ready to do an opk before bed. Regardless of what it says, there's sperm on it's was eastward - should get to school sometime tomorrow morning. Last Ditch Hail Mary DIY insem, here we go!

Now I have to go give the cat her anti-diarrhea medicine. Don't you wish you lived chez Starrhill?


LB said...

I was missin you last night at the CLAW meeting. The cute girl from MH was there!? Anyhooters, looking forward to you keeping all the ladies in line.

starrhillgirl said...

What is this MH? What cute girl?!

i.d.a. said...

Is this acu doctor covered by the insurance? If not, is he expensive?