Wednesday, January 16, 2008

the visit that I've set myself some sort of lame-ass goal, I'm stuck. And there's nobody available on skype or IM to distract me. Might as well tell you about the visit to the RE visit Wednesday.

My appointment was in the middle of the day - 11 am - so I had to find a sub for work. So I also got to be out and about at lunchtime! Woo! Cho-girl came to my subbing rescue and after I placated a crying child with promises of cupcakes at circle, I was on my way. Hey! There was a birthday to celebrate! It wasn't an empty promise! And she was crying because she loves me! Now she knows that a cupcake is better than me.

We'll skip the preliminaries - checking in, paying (you do that first at this place - weird), getting called back. And move on to the real deal: the dildo-cam was giving me the finger as I walked into the exam room. Luckily, this boded nothing for the exam - everything was good, all parts in place. But, of course, since this was a base-line exam, I didn't get any answers. But no news is good news, right. Except, the guys who do the HSG are all full for the day that works for me this cycle. So I'll be putting that treat off until February. Ugh. I wanted that done and out of the way, plus I wanted the info only an HSG can give me. Does it seem slightly ridiculous to any of y'all that the hospital only does these on Fridays and only has 2 spots per Friday and there is only a 4 or 5 day of one's cycle when one can get a dye-job? Yeah, me, too.

In what must be an attempt to reduce, reuse and recycle, my RE's office covers the dildo-cam with a regular old latex glove (yes, they did ask if I was allergic). There's a blob of lube (which they artfully call "gel") and the the thing gets a glove stuck on it, and then there's more lube - I mean "gel." The instrument itself is, as most if you know, long and skinny and had been put into the middle finger of the Glove Designated For Me, so that's what I saw when I first walked in the room. The nurse said it wasn't on purpose. Whew. It is a new latex glove, by the way - I think this falls under the reduce part of reduce, reuse, recycle.

Here's the real question for this cycle: to insem or not to insem? This is a monitoring cycle, so I won't be taking any meds. That means no prometrium, which I've been told I need. Hhmmm.... what to do?


gypsygrrl said...

i am so sorry at how hard i laughed at your description of the dildocam flippin you the bird. the "she said it wasnt on purpose" wrecked me!

Chips said...

I'm thinking you should take the month off. Why deal with all that crazy-making if you're so unlikely to conceive anyway! Start again next month with excitement and anticipation and renewed hope!