Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Log Your Lunch for the win!

Look at all those lunches! Woo! Lunch! And pants.

So today's lunch for me is the same as yesterday's. More quiche and salad-y shit with the addition of radishes. It was good and then I had some grapes and Smartfood for my naptime snack. See, the children nap and I eat as I clean my classroom.

In other news, I am back on The Coffeez. For realz this time. I had some yesterday afternoon - full caff - and had no trouble getting to sleep.

Don't forget to log your lunch!


cho-girl said...

Today, I had a Breakfast Burrito from the Diner. Spinach tortilla full of eggs, black beans and cheese with delicious chunky spicy salsa and sour cream for sides. Oh and hash browns. But I left my leftovers there - wah!
Oh, and to drink - diet soda. I was going to have water, but wanted caffeine, then iced tea, but I wanted bubbles.
Lunch dates: the in-laws and The Smoking One, the topic: Youngest Cho-Boy. If you can mention snack, I guess I can mention conversation.

Lizzie said...

Oreo ice cream. Jeez. I don't win, do I?

J said...

Lunch for me today was a Lean Gourmet cheese pizza, an apple, and a slice of Hobo bread. =)

Elsie said...

Bengali chicken curry, rice, dal, and veggies in thanks for taking my friend to the ER. Bonus: Bengali spice mix and dal to take home.

LB said...

Crackers and cheese. It was a "it's my day off so I forgot lunch and now im stealing the IC's snack in a frenzy" day. Dinner was much better but that isn't what we are talking about. Also CHO, heard about your littlest. Glad he is safe to be grounded forever!

timaree said...

My girl and I split lunch at a sidewalk cafe. We had an italian sausage sandwich with fresh mozzarella and bell peppers on some lovely local crusty french bread. This was served with a salad with local mixed baby greens (and pea shoots!) along with the restaurant's house balsamic vinaigrette. Oh, and beer. We each had a beer.

jay said...

Ok so I had a cheese salad roll with mustard and a cup of mushroom soup. I must stop drinking instant soup but we didn't have any real soup, and anyway it makes me feel evil.