Friday, May 9, 2008

recap + lunches

Quick, while the popcorms are doing their thing on the stovetop.

*2 nights of dress rehearsal and one tornado watch
*mother's day gifts done and done (whew)
*recovering black cat and multiple meds plus new diet of canned food (also whew and eewww)
*additional meds for me (day 2 of femara)
*message left for guy in charge of sperm washing machine
*lawn mowed
*semi-surly pre-teen carted around
*jambalya made by my roommate (good food in the house that I didn't make?! yay!)
*gimlets on the back deck with I (gimlets - woo! back deck - woo!)

And lunches. Yesterday and today: weird pseudo-humus thing on pita with chips and doctored-up salsa. Also known as Mother's Day Lunch in the primary classes that trickles down to the lowly toddler teachers. Decent with bonus lack of lunch packing. Log your lunch, y'all.


N said...

This week's been a lot of my tuna pasta salad. Canned tuna, canned peas, a box of pasta, and mayo. Mix.

Er, after cooking and draining the pasta, obviously.

Strange, maybe, but so good.

calliope said...

Talula is on canned food now too & it is NASTY. Well this might be b/c I have to effing blend it and feed it to her via syringe. But eventually (I hope) she will want to eat it on her own. And I just don't know how to DO wet food. Do you leave it out all day? Do we serve it at specific times? Will my bathroom forever smell like wet cat food?!?!

yesterday's lunch: diet root beer, rice pudding snack pack

Tricia said...


I had chicken burrito w/ delicious filling made by J, and an apple. Thursday and Friday. Add thai iced tea on Friday.

eggdance said...

Today I had a not-so-great frozen thing and some really good organic strawberry kefir.