Wednesday, August 29, 2007

not looking for monogamy

Yeah, the monitor. You remember, right? The one I got from the very generous (and highly fertile) wife of a friend of an ex-girlfriend? That one. It's a Clear Blue Easy.

I got it on cd 5 and set it on cd 6, but you can only back-set it 5 days, so it reads one day off for this cycle. That is, today is really cd 7 but it thinks it's cd 6. Am I evil for confusing it like this? I figure it is not going to be my One And Only, you know. I've got the opk's, the thermometer, my fingers for CM and CP (that's cervical mucous and cervical position, for those of you not in the know), so the monitor and I will never be monogamous. Hence my willingness to play fast and loose with old Clear Blue.

And yes, I know that, according to the Book o' Rules that came with the monitor, one is not ever supposed to use somebody else's monitor. Because of Teh Germs (oh, the things I would have missed if I was one of those with huge fears of Teh Germs). And, more sensibly, because cycle information from the previous owner (user?) is stored and so the poor machine will think that you, the current owner (user?), and she, the previous owner (user?), are one and the same and it's tiny machine brain will explode. Or at least give not as accurate information. But I figure that's not such a big deal because, a) see above about my polyamourous approach to tracking my cycle, and b) the previous owner (user?) only used it for one cycle before she got pg. Thoughts?

Now, was that the post you thought you'd get when you read the title?


Becca said...

Mangy Moo is an anagram of monogamy.
So is "my man goo".

calliope said...

I have heard of SO many monitor swappings that I doubt it could be a bad thing. I think the monitor that I donated is now on to a 3rd person.

If you google it you can find out how to completely reset the monitors. But I am guessing you don't want to do it mid cycle. :)

starrhillgirl said...

Ohhhhhh.... google. Right. I guess I should reset it next cycle (although, let's all hope I won't need it next cycle). The lack of re-set would explain why it has not asked me to POAS yet.

Becca, I don't *even* know what to say to your man goo.