Saturday, September 1, 2007

who is this?

So, you might remember that I had a Night o' Sangria sometime last week. Remember? It was fun. And there was this new girl to be my new friend. Well, I made an emabrassing social faux pas this week involving inviting her to something and then not being there myself because I got there early and became convinced said something was not happening and so I had to leave. Because a room full of people I don't know is to much to handle. Clearly, I have not been leaving the house enough. Or too much. Maybe I should just stay home all the time. I'd bet Sandy would bring me groceries. Anyway. So there was the missed connection with this nice new friend and now she is out of town for the weekend and I kind of want to see her. WTF? I am Teh Girl of Steel. I want to see no one. Lord.


ceri said...

hi corey. glad i found your site.

Sian said...

You're always just dying to see me! I'll assume that you put your need for me in some other category, which is why you didn't mention it in this post. Because, I know you didn't mean that there times you DON'T" want to see me. That would be crazy.

starrhillgirl said...

Right, Sianey. I amend the end of this post to read:

I am Teh Girl of Steel. I want to see no one. Except Sian. Lord.

How about tonight, babe?