Thursday, September 20, 2007


I'm still using my Quilt of Summer™ - a very light down comforter in a too small European-style duvet cover. It's the exact size of the area of my bed and is great for summer because it does not cover me fully. When you have no AC, it is crucial not to be fully covered. Especially crucial not to have one's feet covered - this is somehow related to the old "wear a hat to keep your whole self warm" thing. Anyway, my feet are footloose and fancy free with the Quilt of Summer™ and that is a fine thing in a Virginia summer.

So I woke up to temp this morning (or rather the whiney cat woke me up), and it was low, low, low - 97.3ºF low. Not below the coverline, because there isn't one this cycle, since I hand-set the ovulation day on old FF, but also not high enough to my mind at 5 am. I wrote this off to having slept with the Quilt of Summer™ - leaving my feet exposed - even though it is no long summer sleeping weather and let it go at that. (Really it is time to put old QS™ down for it's long winter's nap. But I am loath to let go of summer.) But then, just now, I looked at my chart over-lay, and damn, those falling curves of past failed cycles look awfully similar to the curve made by this morning's drop.

Better luck next time, right? Right. This was really and truly the last of the "good" cycles, the well timed cycles. A pregnancy that starts next month will put me back at work next school year with a 6 week old baby. Fuck. That is not enough time. Not enough.

So unless I get a nice bounce back in temps tomorrow, I think I am out this round. Fuck.

CD 28, 12 dpo.

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