Thursday, September 6, 2007

cd 15

Monitor reading high as of this morning.
Temps still down.
No LH surge as of this morning
More mucous than you could shake a stick at - the watery version.
First visit from Fab Gay Boy Donor (FGBD - F can also be for French - perfect!).

Meanwhile, school is kicking my ass.


ceri said...

i've started doing the fertility friend readings, but i keep forgetting to take temp before drinking coffee. does "cd 15" mean day 15 of your cycle?

is being a teacher as exhausting as i imagine? do you still babysit sophie every day? no wonder you're getting your ass kicked?


starrhillgirl said...

Being a teacher is as exhausting as you imagine. And, for teacher everywhere, thank you for realizing this. Reallu.

I've still got Sophie, but she is not part of the ass-kicking. She is her usual fab self - with a dose of pre-adolescent thrown in for humor purposes.

And, yes, CD 15 means day #15 of a cycle. You should be taking your temp as soon as you open your eyes - ideally, you roll over, grab the thermometer, stick it in your mouth (or snatch) and lay there until it beeps. Then you can get up and have coffee. Mmmmm.... coffee...

starrhillgirl said...

wow - the typos - clearly, my ass is kicked.

Jennifer said...

a ha! here you are. did you think you could blog without me finding out?? look out, starr hill girl! i'm fixin to spray comments all up in this blog like a m*thaf*&ka! okay, i just grossed myself out.

meanwhile, i love you. love your blog. have you seen wistar's new blog? it's she's got some funny shit over there, too.

ceri said...

does that mean i need to buy a new thermometer? i have the kind the doctor uses: digital, in the ear.

btw, i'm at day 48, because my cycle is so out of whack. i supppose it takes a while to straighten out a bit after many years of the pill. (ps. i assure you i am not pregnant--it really is a long ass cycle.)

starrhillgirl said...

Ceri, you need a visit to the ivp.
Also, read Taking Charge of Your Fertility if you haven't already.
And buy a thermometer you can put in your mouth (or your cootch).
Or just fuck a lot - didn't that work for Owen?

Sian said...

I prefer to think that my sis NEVER does any fucking.
Just kidding, I know there was that one time that resulted in my rockstar nephew.