Monday, September 3, 2007

last days of summer

It's over. School starts tomorrow. I'm *so* 'cited!
I crammed as much summer into the past week as I could:

* forced Sophie to mow the grass in the heat. I did yard work, too! She offered! The girl loves to mow the grass, what can I say.

*had drinks on the porch with Sianey and Jim - twice in fact (stay tuned for our new trendy restaurant idea; it will be fab and we'll be rich - it's Top Secret - don't ask me about it).

*put up produce for winter, somewhat frantically, as if I could hold on to some last small bit of summer if I had enough sun dried tomatoes and frozen peaches.

*almost equally frantically hung laundry on the line - not out of any sort of pre-nostalgia for summer, but because I had no clean clothes.

*had dinner with my old friends who are back in town and sat around in their air conditioned living room after the baby went to bed. There will be no energy for leaving the house once school starts, so this was a particular treat.

*planted a fig tree on the south side of the house. Yay figs! Ok, so it is not really *my* fig tree, it's Kaity's but I will get some of the figs as rent for housing her tree. If I don't kill it.

*got visited by my friends from DC (one of whom now lives in Richmond) and got treated to dinner by them. I love them. I do.

*saw my New Fab Assistant (NFA) out of the house - without her children and with her husband! At night! He had his hand on her thigh..... It was cute.....

*had brunch with Best Actor, featuring Real Coffee Not Decafe. Delicious, but it did fuck with my nap plans.

*raced to Mono Loco for The Last Sangria of Summer (TLSS) with the CHO-fam and Their Lesbian Friends From North Carolina (TLFFNC). The smallest CHO shared his calamari with me. *swoon* I heart him. Teh Sangria must have been Friday night's sangria, and I was served it on Sunday and, god damn, it was good - all saturated fruit and chilly wine.

*played a rousing game of Apples to Apples after the children went to bed with the above mentioned CHOs and TLFFNC. So much more fun than you'd think. There was also popcorn, which deserves its own post.

*napped. Everyday.

*stood on the porch looking blankly ahead. This would sound more "spiritual" if I said I stood on the porch looking at the sky, but really, I was just staring ahead, blankly. Again with the everyday.

*rather obsessively charted my temperature; monitored my pee with my partner-of-the-week, old Clear Blue; plotted how to do some opk's at school; emailed with my sperm donor (the man needs a blog-name); mentally and emotionally planned for pregnancy and simultaneously for the crash and burn of not being pregnant; thought about how I'd.... oh, wait, I do this shit all the time, not just when summer is ending, because I am not fucking knocked up yet.


calliope said...

wow. you do summer really, really well. I actually don't think I leave my house at all in the summer.

Hard Girl said...

You've always been my model for how to do summer. I'll keep striving. Today I made pflaumenmus (german spiced plum jam--tastes alot like tart apple butter). I've been listening to the lids pop. I love that.