Tuesday, September 25, 2007

cd 3

Yep. I'm done. Or, rather, I was done, but now I have started again.

To re-cap: that's 2 years ttc (with winters off, stupidly), 7 cycles with frozen gayspermbank-sperm, 6 with fab French gayboy sperm, 2.5 cycles with the addition of progesterone, countless cycles with over-priced pre-natals (although I was given a bottle and a half of really great, full of herbs as well as vitamins, mid-wife prescribed ones by a friend) and fertilitea, 1 cycle with baby aspirin, 1 cycle with cough-syrup, too many opk's, a couple packs of htp's and one loaner Clear Blue Easy monitor.

Moving on, as the kids say.

I went for an acupuncture appointment today, which was great. The accu-guy was very kind and also a little funny, and thought my charts looked good (why don't good charts get one a baby?). He stuck me full of needles and sent me home with a bag of nasty-tasting herbs. (I am all about the nasty-tasting medicine - it doesn't work if it doesn't taste bad.) He was very optimistic, which sort of turned my mood around.

In other news, it is CHO-girl's birthday! Hooray! What would I do without her?

Here's a question for all you FF kids who stop by (some of you stop by, right?) - why doesn't any one use full url's for the websites for internet cheapies?


calliope said...

"it doesn't work if it doesn't taste bad" - HA!

So sorry that you are out this cycle. That sucks ass.

as for the urls on FF...let's just say that FF can be VERY big brother. Almost 2 years ago they changed the entire place- the message boards used to be FREE and very open. There were a few bad apples that crashed some places- mostly the donor sperm board. Ever since then the place kicked a lot of people out- and with their new pay system a lot of cool people left. Now everything is very moderated. If you post an url or even talk about FF on FF you will get warnings and be timed out & stuff. It kind of sucks. But at least the people are mostly awesome :)

starrhillgirl said...

Ah, ha.... I figured something had gone down at some point or another. The people are, as you say, awesome. It's really become a touchstone for me. Although, I *hate* the term "baby dance" with all of my heart.

calliope said...

yuk- I hate "baby dance" as well. My least favorite is "baby dust". It just sounds like ground up dead baby or something...

timaree said...

I'm so sorry to hear you're out this time. It sounds like accupuncture is a good way to go though. Still, it sucks.

I agree on the nasty herbs. I've been drinking some gawd-awful tea from my local herbalist (similar to Fertilitea), and I just keep sucking it down, even though it makes me want to gag (despite the mound of honey I add to it).

I'm with both of you ladies on the term "baby dance." It makes me cringe. Ew! Ew! Ew! Honestly, I can't stand most of the FF-ese. "BFP" makes me feel like I'm in some kind of sorority house.

starrhillgirl said...

Aye. The baby dust. The stupid acronyms. And yet I keep going back! It must be the nice folks there at FF.

Off for some more nasty-but-good herbs....