Thursday, September 27, 2007

many days you have lingered around my cabin door

Today is good.

I got to work with CHO-girl at school. Yay! Just like old times.

My folks from Teh Internets were everywhere. In my email. On my blog. Everywhere. Yay. My folks IRL were everywhere, too. At my school. In my house. On my street. Fab.

Sophie was her usual charming self and delightedly told me to read a sad but beautiful passage from a novel she'd just finished.

And there was wine with the kids from New Orleans.

And there was dinner with the girls from New York.

And there were crazy Chinese herbs, listed here, for your edification:
  • hoelen/ fu ling
  • licorice/ gan cao
  • astragalus (processed)/ zhi huang qi
  • atractylodes (white, cooked)/ chao bai zhu
  • tahn-kuei/dang gui
  • cortex moutan/mu dan pi
  • codonopsis/ dang shen
  • white peony root/ sheng bai shao
  • rehmannia (cooked)/ shu di huang
And then there was sleeping and great joy.

Oh, hard times come again no more.

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