Wednesday, September 19, 2007

my own personal jesus

While I don't so much believe in god, I do have a close and personal relationship with The Lunch Gods. (Or, at least, a close and personal relationship with the High Priestess of The Lunch Gods.) In years past, The Lunch Gods (TLG?) have rained manna down on Their followers and all us followers had to do was sacrifice the occasional virgin. Good deal, no? There would be burritos, or mmmm... Irish Seafood Chowder and sometimes steak (!) and always the avocados. It was - yes - heavenly to live in the Kingdom of TLG. For there was the power and the glory of bountiful food in recycled tupperwares. TLG are nothing if not eco-friendly.

But then, as all good things do, the Age of TLG ended. I imagine other peoples have felt the same kind of emptiness and spiritual hunger when they find themselves suddenly afloat in the cold and lunch-less world, their gods' time having passed. Bereft is not too strong a word for the feeling of my very soul without TLG. Oh, the weeping and gnashing of teeth! Oh the longing for a well steamed burrito!

But, lo! Behold the Power of TLG!

And yea, though I've walked through the crappiest valley of the shadow of pre-school this week, I will fear no mid-day hunger; for They are with me; Their burritos and Their recycled tupperwares comfort me.

Tomorrow. Praise be.

The Lunch Gods are risen! Truely, They are risen!

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Bill said...

The lack of avacado is a test of your faith. Don't blow it…