Saturday, November 3, 2007

gospel of morning

Hey! Look at this! It's almost 8 am and I am posting! No waiting until the last minute for me, no sir.
Okay, I am a little sad to be writing this early on a Saturday - I should be a the city market. But, alas, the market is over. Let's pause here for weeping....

(oh, the bunches of chard and boxes of chilis are no more, how sad the last of the goatcheese man's goat cheese looks all alone in my freezer, no more the snappy comments of the PED guys, oh, the loss of peaches from Birdy and bacon from Richard....woe, woe....)

Tissue? Here.

Now, on to the good news. I peed on a stick this morning! Woo and hoo! Yes, yes, I know you're thinking, "duh, Starrhillgirl, you *always* pee on a stick between CD 9 and 16. Not news, babe, not news." But, you see this stick handed me a nice peak reading on old Clear Blue, machine of my heart. Hooray! Peak! So my timing with New "Can't Beat It With A Stick" Sperm seems pretty good. I'm in the game y'all. Save me a seat, my friends - I'll be in the tww with you before you know it.

In other good news, despite the lack of the city market, I am having some fucking fabulous coffee. (I've given up coffee in the name of ttc, except for my weekly dose at the city market. What? Quit laughing, CHO-girl.) My last, possibly best sub of the week (you remember that my fab assistant had Teh Shingles, don't you?), was not only a great, great sub, she is also is part of a great family of coffee-ers. Because she is the best, she brought all us tired-seeming teacher a little sample bag of their coffee and - wow - it's great.

I've got a delicious cup of coffee, sun coming in the front windows, a hot fire (had to get up early for that one), a batch of sourdough waiting to be mixed up, a peak reading on the monitor, and Jelly Roll Morton on the radio. Good news all around.

So let's recap, for the ttc-er in me: that's surging lutenizing hormone and high estrogen - check, sperm on this side of North America - check, nasty Chinese herbs steeping in the kitchen - check, more CM than I care to admit - check, all fingers crossed - check.


Becca said...

((resisting CM/crossing fingers joke)) Check!

Elsie said...

You go girl.

calliope said...

check you OUT!
You are having a most awesome monday.
SO jealous that you actually have a fire going.

calliope said...

i mean Saturday. sheesh
can you tell who hasn't had her coffee yet??

Sian said...

That all sounds very nice, dear.
Just kiddin! I felt like Mrs. Cleaver. Is Cleaver a bad word?
Should be.
Sounds like a fabulous morning. All toasty and what-not.

starrhillgirl said...

Heheh. Sian said "cleaver."
Cali, if you weren't so far away, I'd have you come over for coffee and the fire. Then you'd know what day it is.

oneofhismoms said...

Good luck when you insem!

jay and vee said...

welcome to the party and good luck!

amanda said...

Yipee for the perfect timing surge, and yipee for a delicious cup of coffee and a beautiful morning.

the kingpin said...

Sending you positive vibes (i said vibe *snicker*) this time, as always, my starrhillgirl. Also, i have some chard for you that i forgot to bring over last night. thanks for the toddy. i wasn't great company, sorry about that.