Wednesday, November 28, 2007

tired yet?

Yes, I am . Blogging everyday is Teh Hard, y'all.

What do you want to hear about?

  • How fab yesterday's soup was? (Fab.)
  • What old Clear Blue told me this morning? (Another high reading - my estrogen's rising.)
  • What I'm going to do about those 2 high readings? (Get pregnant tomorrow and Friday, instead of Friday and Saturday.)
  • Why am I listening to a tiny machine that doesn't always communicate so well? (Because my CM is all sparkley and eggy, and when my cervix and old Clear Blue agree, the time to move is now)
  • Who I'm chatting with right now? (Chicory.)
  • Who I'll be teaching with tomorrow? (cho-girl - woo and hoo!)
  • What I'll be bring to school tomorrow, just to make her day? (Teh Coffeez.)
  • How many days of NaBloPoMo are left? (Two. That's 2.)
  • Who loves you the best? (Me.)

The FedEx man comes tomorrow. Fasten your seat belts, kids, it's CD 11.


the injector said...

hey, we will be trying along side of you--well over on this side of the world--over the next few days also. tonight and friday night for sure.
fingers crossed for you!

timaree said...

Hooray for FedEx shipments! It sounds like you've got some nice timing going on there, girl. Good luck!

calliope said...

woo hoooo!!!!!

now excuse me while I become overwhelmed with jealousy that Chicory has your IM address and *I* don't...

Chicory said...

well now, Cali, some of us have Gmail addresses... and I KNOW you know SHG's email address because she comments on your blog... so if only you would get a gmail account we could all chat together! At night, you know, because I can't chat during the day, unfortunately.