Tuesday, December 4, 2007

oh, right!

This is a ttc blog, isn't it? Do we really care about who's died recently or how I transport myself to work? Nope. All we care about is my girl-parts and what they are doing.

So I've got an appointment with an RE on Thursday. Time to ramp it up I guess. He comes highly recommended by a couple few friends in town and here's hoping I've got good coverage for fertility treatments (and no, I haven't called them to find out). I am very unclear on just what we'll be doing Thursday, which will be CD 17. It's too early for the 7 dpo bloodwork, too late for any ovarian monitoring, right? I am so in the dark about this shit. I plan to take my charts from good old FF and the copy of my 7 dpo bloodwork from July that show my low progesterone levels and normal prolactin and normal thyroid. If I can find them. What else do I need?

The thought of clomid scares me shitless. The horror stories of bad moods and general crazy-feeling make me very, very leery of taking it. I simply cannot be in a medication-induced bad mood at work. I might kill some children. According to my FF charts, I am pretty clearly ovulating, so I hope that the clomid option doesn't even make an appearance. But still, I am scared of it.

In my usual, backwards, pseudo-superstitious way, I think that simply making the appointment with this doctor will make this most recent cycle work. Plan for the worst, hope for the best, as it were. Also, my ambivalence about the timing (When the fuck did I ovulate? Just how long does this Bio-Tranz sperm live anyway? 12 hours like frozen? 5 days like fresh? Who the fuck knows?) this cyle is also clearly A Sign that it worked. But let's not jinx it by talking about it too much, 'kay? Thanks.

In this same vein, I am almost out of firewood and so it might snow. Except now it won't, as I have jinxed it by talking about it. Logic - my BFF.

In other ttc news, my boobs are sore. WTF, boobs? It's only 3 dpo (I think - my temps are fucked this cycle) and there is no reason for you to be sore. *sigh* Bodies. So Confusing.


LB said...

I don't know what any of those numbers followed shortly by letters mean, but it seems like this go round has been whack-a-doodle!You have insem, already, right? hmmmmmmm. I hear you on the crazy logic(meaning voodoo.

cho-girl said...

and if you didn't, I did.
Let the finger-pointing begin!

vee said...

I'd really like to get steaming drunk this Christmas - can you jinx it for me by generating a pregnancy please?

Think that'll work? If it does, you could set up a show - like Jim'll Fix It, with a twist!

calliope said...

It would be a bit early for a progesterone test- but he could always have you come in on Monday for that.

I would ask (nay demand) that if he suggests clomid you counter with femara. If you have ever had any issues with depression I would bring those up as your reasons.

Also- your visit with the RE should be covered by insurance as just a doctor appt and SOME of the blood work might be as well...but I think when it comes to ultra sounds & IUI's either you have fertility coverage or you don't.

& hurrah for sore boobs!

Brooke said...

nothing makes me miss cville more than reading you talking to your boobs.

Hard Girl said...

Nothing makes me miss November more than not getting to see a Caved post here everyday.