Sunday, January 20, 2008

as promised

Virtual Sunday dinner.

What? Did you think I'd start before you got here? Nah. Go sit by the fire and entertain me while I cut up this chicken.

Could you please distract the cats? I might loose a limb.

Shh... this is the part where I kind of need to concentrate. Note my new pan.

You like gravy, right? Everything in this is local, mostly stuff I froze from summer. Except the peas. Oh, and the potatoes. Those are from the store. You can't have everything.

Ok, let me get this in the oven and then you can refill my wine glass. You did bring wine, didn't you?

Wash your hands, now. It's time to eat.

I sure hope one of you brought salad, because I don't have any. There's lots, so whoever wants some pot pie - come on down.


d said...

Was that a b'milk biscuit-type or a pie-crust-type crust?

gypsygrrl said...

one word: YUMMMM!
i'm not good at choosing wine, but i brought a salad...

that looks deeelish!

calliope said...

goooooood fucking lawd does that look good. One giant bowl for me please. I brought a vat of wine.


elsie said...

Your virtual Sunday dinner made up for my actual (crappy) Sunday dinner. Yummers.

kp said...

That is a thing of beauty. Is there any left?

gypsygrrl said...

hey kp, i just came in to see if there were leftovers... it looks so delicious, tho, i bet there isnt :(

Anonymous said...

MMMMMMMM!!!! And of course I brought wine.

(You know, we're moving to one of the best, most famous wine regions in the world. Let us know if you need us to hook you up with the good shit.)

Seriously though, that looks amazing. Thank you for sharing and making me drool.

the injector said...

wow.that makes me want to eat chicken.
good work.

gold star said...

I vote you should do this every sunday. Is it just me or is that pot pie ginormous? yum.