Monday, April 28, 2008

dangerous eating 2.0

Today was a Dangerous Eater's day, as Vee might say. Lunch was a leftover liverwurst, watercress and mustard sandwich on an everything bagel. I helped LB move yesterday and she bought us all bagels for lunch and I couldn't finish mine, so it became today's lunch - microbes be damned. It was still pretty good.

But, totally lapping me in the Dangerous Eater's Club is my cat, who is currently eating a starling for a late lunch, crouched under all the wood stove paraphernalia I stacked up in a corner the other day. *sigh*

Log your lunch, y'all.

ETA - she ate the head off and then I couldn't take it anymore and dragged her away by the collar and put the now headless bird in two newspaper bags. Now I am waiting for the cat to clean up the floor.

ETA More - I think she ate the skull, because I can't find it. How does one eat a skull?


cho-girl said...

If I had had a larger lunch, I might be losing it right now. Ew.
I had the leftover Leftover Steak from Saturday night date night (and Sunday lunch) from new eatery The Local. And a few Giganto red grapes with seeds. and cold Red Rooibos brewed tea.

tiff said...

Ugh....poor kitty's gonna be a sick girl later.......

I had 2 slices of cheese pizza, piled high with hot pineapple!!

N said...

J's cat used to eat skulls, back when she was an indoor/outdoor cat. ewwwwwwww.

I, too, had pizza with pineapple for lunch, mostly because it was gross out, and I couldn't bring myself to go out for lunch, when I had to go out two other times today, and the pizza came to me.

But BREAKFAST, now THAT was apple cider doughnuts we picked up last night when we were up at my parents.

Elsie said...

My cat eats everything head first and stops somewhere about the liver. Leaving the rest on the porch for me to step on as I race out to catch the bus. Mm.

My lunch was chicken lentil soup and a bagel.

gypsygrrl said...

<-----making hand-wavy gestures cuz now i have the willies.

<-----owned by a little bird about the size of a starling, and am seriously squicked out!

if i have bad dreams tonight... you are in trouble!

and in case i didnt say this before: EW!

Eliza said...

Um, why, CRUNCHILY of course! My cat used to eat the skulls of everything first. YUMMY!

I dunno what to count as lunch since I ate ALL...DAY...LONG...with no good reason. I blame hormones of some sort.

jay said...

OMG! THAT WAS TMI! Poor birdy!

Lunch = haven't had lunch today yet as it's only 10.30am, but yesterday, vee and I dangerously had the previous night's leftovers, with homemade bread and salad. Will that do?!

the injector said...

skull eating--crunch crunch with sharp teeth.

yesterday,lunch an enormous black bean and rice burrito.

today, lunch some brown rice, tofu, kale, carrots (crunch, crunch), sesame sticks and annie's goddess dressing (all from the coop food bar).

LB said...

I had pasta with "pink" sauce and spinach. Word up! Thanks for the use of yer muscles. Just another 8 billion years and my new place will be spic and span!