Saturday, April 26, 2008

how to feel accomplished in 2 easy steps

1. start a blog
2. list day's activities on said blog
bonus step 3. mirate one's list

  • woke up (always, always list this -always)
  • stumbled around
  • smelled and then cleaned up cat diarrhea from under the bathroom sink
  • washed hands
  • washed face
  • went to city market
  • bought food
  • paid back vendors who nicely didn't charge me full price last week when I ran out of cash (this niceness sort of negates my market bugeting technique which is to leave when I am out of money)
  • came home and started laundry, cleaned floors
  • hung laundry out, continued cleaning floors
  • went to parade!
  • came home, started more laundry, summer-ized wood stove area and ate lunch
  • hung out more laundry
  • brought in laundry, first old (dumped on couch) then new (left damp in basket on porch), because of rain
  • hung out old (damp) laundry, again.
  • napped
  • mowed half the lawn, brought in old laundry
  • swept clouds - yes, CLOUDS - of pollen off the porch and washed porch down with old mop water
  • watched the thunder storm

Now, here's how to feel unaccomplished in 1 easy step: go check out what this girl got done before 11 am.


LB said...

I know. I'm not talking to her anymore. Unless she gets a sting or two, then I will feel bad and talk to her again. You could put some hens and chicks in a pot for my new porch/stairs. Just sayin. I will be home tonight "babysitting" and doing cleaning and packing. also just sayin.

cho-girl said...

I did nothing. Nothing before 11. Feel better?
I didn't even eat until 5 after.
Oh, and my hens and chicks are on steroids I think. They got all giraffe-y on me. Weird. Must not like their light situation too much.

jessie said...

nice work! i love list.

the injector said...

i think you got a hell-of-a-lot accomplished...what i great way to spend a saturday.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great and very productive day! I feel a bit tired just reading about it all--