Monday, May 5, 2008

late lunch with bonus picture

Last night's roast chicken (thigh, because I'm that kind of girl), cucumber pieces and "white catsup" as one of my kids calls ranch dressing. Ranch is a good dip for anything, I tell you.

Log your lunch, y'all. I have to somewhat frantically pull together mother's day gifts for 13.

Sixteen days of school left.

ETA - this is the kid who removed the bird from it's cage. I know you wanted to see him. And my butt. I know you wanted to see my butt.


Elsie said...

black eyed pea and ham soup with home grown chard and a home grown side salad of greens and radishes with a store bought cuke.

Tricia said...

1/2 BLT and side salad w/ bleu cheese dressing from Louisa's bakery. and a sinful chocolate truffle cookie. Yesterday was shrimp fried rice and a 3 bean salad w/ asparagus and beets at my friend Audrey's house.

I vote for origami flowers on pipe cleaners or planted flowers in newspaper pots for 13 moms. Or chocolate. Or whiskey.

Anonymous said...

Red Face reports: Nabs from the vending machine about 1:45 PM. I didn't even help them with spots of hot sauce on each.

Lizzie said...

Spinach salad with blue cheese, pecans, and pears. Raspberry yogurt. And I did want to see your butt.

calliope said...

OH man is that kid cute!

Monday's lunch: green jello, 10 saltines, and 2 cans of diet root beer. I am livin'large!

Nice ass.

Bowditch said...

apple sauce; pistachios; peppermint patty; homemade candy from a parent or teacher or someone that has been in my room since christmas; a few candy hearts.

We are testing this week and I just snacked. I am a little embarrassed except that i think i spelled pistachios right.

Anonymous said...

I keep meaning to start eating funkier things since I know you will be asking, but so far I am failing miserably. Today? You guessed it! Our old friend the Lean Cuisine Pizza!

Anonymous said...

Cute bum girlie!

I went home and ate a nearly rare steak, quick seared, with a cup of blackberries.

I think I love meat.