Sunday, September 30, 2007

Teh Weekend

It was Teh Busy.

Friday, I went to the theater and saw a play, that was really pretty good. Mamet, I love him. I do. Anyway, since I have buried my self at home since starting ttc, I have just not been at the theater, and, as things do, it has changed. Not a lot, but also not a little. I used to be there all the fucking time, but then my job changed and I started ordering sperm.... you know how it goes. So it was good to be there and to see folks and get a little visit with my friend JG. I'd not told him I've been chasing after a baby lo these many years, but I mentioned it (while we waited for a looooonnng train to pass, so we could walk to his car) and that was good. I've tried to be careful of myself , with whom I tell, but there was no good reason why JG didn't know - we're tight, when we see each other, that is - I just don't see him so much, what with the buried at home thing, and it never came up.

I took Sophie, my pretend child (MPC? - I love the acronyms) to a weekend sleep-away camp on Saturday. Over by the mountains. We drove south on the Parkway. And jesus christ. It was so pretty. Like to make you weep pretty. And I'll be damned if the company in the car wasn't pretty, too! After a week of mostly moody tweener angst, we had a delightful and fabulous drive. She did Mad-Libs and and read them aloud to me; she gleefully told me to guess what music she picked when I handed her the i-pod (The Be Good Tanyas, which bring up their own host of bittersweet memories - wow, could that have been a cheeseier phrase?); we talked and talked and interrupted each other to point out especially beautiful views or trees just turning; she spotted a red-tailed hawk that I had already dismissed as a turkey vulture; we saw tiny chipmunks scurry across the road and spent a good half mile laughing about how cute they were; she was put in charge of directions after we got onto rt. 56 and handled it masterfully. Whew. Maybe we'll make it through the storm of hormones and the culture clash after all. So long as I plan long drives through the mountains every couple weeks or so.

And then I hosted a party for dear, dear, SAR, who will, very briefly be only one year younger than me. It was a nice low key sort of thing. Although it did get raucous enough for my porch swing to break. Again. Oh, well. It is time to find a new handy-person anyway. You can leave your resume in the comments. It was a treat to have the house full of folks - or rather the porch full of folks. That may have been the last good porch night of the season. I had the chance to talk shop (Come on, what is the blog about, other than me? Getting knocked up - duh.) with a friend of SAR's who's in the throws of it herself. She works in L&D and so had interesting things to say about the REs in town. Plus, she is cute.

I went looking for pee-sticks for my good friend, old Clear Blue today. Remember her? Yeah, I knew you did. There was Shit Going On today - a trip to work (unpaid - ahem), lunch with my daddy, a trip to the health food store, laundry, making of dinner for friends with a new baby, etc, etc. In the midst of this, I remembered that old CB would be asking me to pee on a stick tomorrow or the next day. But I have no sticks! Ack! What's a ttc girl to do? Well, run to C.V.S, of course. So I did, but they had none. And? The sign where they should have been? Yeah, the one with the price. It said $49. For sticks to pee on. Now, you tell me, is it only ok for rich folks to have babies?

For those of you playing along at home: it's CD 8, and I've got a low reading on the monitor (good old Clear Blue). Mood-wise, it's been the usual ups and some sightly more intense downs, but I think those are circumstantial, as opposed to hormonal. But next week- woo and hoo! - the estrogen should show itself for real and everything will be great! Interestingly, after a week on the crazy Chinese herbs, my pre-o temps are a good 3-5 tenths of a degree higher than usual. Stay tuned for exciting news about my post-o temps!

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